Herb Kimble & Claire Reyes Discuss Best Telemarketing Practices

Herb Kimble and his partner Claire Reyes believe there is a correct way to conduct sales and marketing, specifically when conducted over the phone. Successful telemarketing can only be achieved with adherence to a set of basic principles that ensure customer satisfaction and high sales. The first step in running a successful sales and marketing company like Metis Apax is delivering professional communication. Service representatives should speak with a clear voice, utilize strong grammar, convey a polite tone, and demonstrate an understanding of appropriate business conversation.

Conversation with clients should also be natural. While scripts are often necessary, communication should never feel inauthentic or out of sync with a client’s response. In addition, telemarketing correctly requires the consistent implementation of procedure; the rules service representatives must follow when speaking to clients should be effectively communicated and monitored by company leadership. One of the most essential components of effective sales and marketing is product knowledge. A sales representative’s inability to answer a product question is one of the surest ways to lose a customer; plus, the more a representative can speak on a product or service, the more effective his or her marketing will be. Finally, effective telemarketers must respond with congeniality, even in the face of client rejection. Though a sale may be lost, a sales professional should always end a conversation in a pleasant and appreciative manner.

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