Herb Kimble on The Philippines

Effective marketing requires an understanding a target audience. Herb Kimble knows this well, as he successfully conducts professional sales and marketing in the Philippines. Because Herb understands the focused needs and goals of his clients in the Philippines, he’s able to implement a markedly different sales campaign compared to what might be necessary to attract clients in the United States. Understanding a target audience is important in sales and marketing for a number of reasons. When a business like Metis Apax knows who its clients are and what they want, they can more easily attract business, as clients recognize when their unique needs and goals have been prioritized. Researching the demographics of a target audience can influence the style of your marketing as well. Learn how to best reach your target audience, and craft a message with a style that is specific to their preferences.

For example, the marketing approach an international cosmetics company might take will vary significantly between countries based upon the differing demographics and cultures, just as Herb’s approach to conducting sales and marketing calls to clients in the Philippines differs from the approach he might take with a client in the Midwest. Tailoring an approach to marketing is imperative to attracting the clients a business seeks.

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