About Herb Kimble

Herb Kimble on set of a movie
Herb Kimble is an entrepreneur who has ran sales & marketing companies and now does film production. Having founded and grown multiple businesses, Kimble is well known in the direct marketing world and one of its leading minds. His early life in Chicago instilled a deep passion for the artist within Herb Kimble. He was a celebrated child actor on the stage, which was a calling that never truly left him. His return to Los Angeles was landmark for Herb Kimble, as it meant the start of a new direction in life. In 2017, with the help of a childhood friend, Kimble co-founded CineFocus Productions based out of Los Angeles, California. There, Herb’s writing, acting and production skills are taking flight. Together with other underrepresented voices in the community, Kimble is telling true-to-life stories for his upcoming streaming service, Urban Flix.
Herb’s passion for the arts extends to his penchant for storytelling. Kimble is working to launch a brand new inclusive streaming network called Urban Flix, which will tell true-to-life stories and give a voice to underrepresented actors. Herb Kimble is involved every step of the way, and is working toward creating something new that caters to a new class of audience. To Kimble, film and television are devices for stories and ideas that are otherwise difficult to put into words.