Herb Kimble explains the success of his company

Herb Kimble runs a sales and marketing company in Philippines called Metis Apax that has been in business since 2009. As Herb will attest, his successful sales and marketing business is the result of the implementation of proven strategies and practices. According to Herb, structure and discipline in the workplace are essential for success in the world of business.

The successful culture of Metis Apax centers on these core principles, with firm yet fair expectations of leadership and employee performance to ensure customer satisfaction. These tenets of structure and discipline start with Herb himself, who leads with assertion, motivation, and focus, and who holds himself to the highest of standards. Herb’s own experience as a company leader has taught him that successful entrepreneurship is best learned through the practiced behaviors of structure and discipline. Industry experts agree that the most successful companies are those that prioritize these aspects in their business model. As a result of his belief in best business practices to deliver quality customer service, Metis Apax consistently provides quality call center agents, database/lead management, quality control/TPV, and exceptional sales management services to its many clients.

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